Clinton Camp Blames Right Wing For Email Woes

Hillary Clinton once famously dismissed allegations of scandal against her husband, including the Lewinsky affair, as being part of a "vast right-wing conspiracy." Now as a judge opens the door to future subpoenas on Clinton's email records, her campaign manager is blaming the issue of her email scandal on the right wing.

Appearing on CNN with Jake Tapper, Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook dismissed the judge's ruling even though the judge was appointed by Hillary's husband Bill.

"I want to ask you about the news just now of a new development in the e-mail case," Tapper said. "A judge in D.C. opening the door to future subpoenas for Clinton, for her longtime aide, Huma Abedin, looking to get ahold of personal e-mails that were not turned over to the State Department. Do you have any response to this news?"

"Well, Jake," Mook responded, "we all know that the right wing sees Hillary Clinton as the Democrats' best chance to hold on to the White House and continue to build on the progress that President Obama has made. That's why this right wing group filed this lawsuit. Of course, they're trying to subpoena people, of course they're trying to get this into the news. And we're just going to keep pushing through."

"But Robby," Tapper interrupted, "this judge was appointed by Bill Clinton, I believe."

That fact made no difference to Mook's defense of his boss.

"Well, it's the judge's decision to make. My point is that this is promulgated by a right wing group. Our campaign is accustomed to right wing attacks and they're going to continue," said Mook.

The judge's ruling is a victory for Judicial Watch, a conservative legal group, that is involved in a complex and ongoing series of lawsuits to get at more information on different facets of Hillary Clinton's time as Secretary of State. The ruling could pry open even more information from Clinton's secret email servers.