Clinton Aide: Don't Know What Wiped Means

Hillary Clinton spokesman Brian Fallon said, "I don't know what wiped means," while appearing on CNN Thursday.

Clinton's emails and their deletion before her private email server was handed over to investigators has been a subject of news reports and political discussion for months but Fallon, press secretary for Hillary Clinton for America, still played dumb when asked about the server being wiped of all data.

"The wiped server. The wiped server, right, Brian?" host Brianna Keilar said as she interrupted a rambling answer from Fallon on the emails.

"I don’t know what wiped means. There’s — the emails were deleted," Fallon said.

Fallon stated that Clinton followed the law in letting her personal attorneys and other aides sort through all of her emails and determine which ones would be kept and which ones would be deleted. Fallon said after that process was complete the emails were saved in a hard copy, likely a PDF file, and the emails deleted from the server.

A key Clinton assistant in setting up her private, secret email server has indicated he will not answer questions before the House Select Committee on Benghazi. Bryan Pagliano has said he will invoke his firth amendment rights and refuse to answer questions. Fallon told Keilar that the Clinton campaign encouraged Pagliano to speak up but since he does not work for the campaign and is now a private citizen there is little they can do.