Climate Change Crazies To WAPO: Stop Publishing Krauthammer's Global Warming 'Lies'​

According to Brad Johnson, editor of and former staffer for Think Progress, 110,000 people have signed a petition urging WaPo “to stop publishing climate lies” like the ones written by columnist Charles Krauthammer last week.


The Pulitzer Prize winning columnist was even bashed in his own paper in a column called "Krauthammer misleads on global warming." 

Krauthammer's crime? His column of last Thursday did not dispute the theory of climate change, but it did deny climate change was settled science:

I repeat: I’m not a global warming believer. I’m not a global warming denier. I’ve long believed that it cannot be good for humanity to be spewing tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. I also believe that those scientists who pretend to know exactly what this will cause in 20, 30 or 50 years are white-coated propagandists.

“The debate is settled,” asserted propagandist in chief Barack Obama in his latest State of the Union address. “Climate change is a fact.” Really? There is nothing more anti-scientific than the very idea that science is settled, static, impervious to challenge. 

The reaction to Krauthammer's column has nothing to do proving global warming and everything to do with the fact that the Washington Post columnist is correct, and the cult of climate change fear  cannot win a fair fight in the "science" market.

Heartland's James Taylor offers these facts:

  • More than 31,000 scientists have signed a summary of the science explaining why humans are not creating a global warming crisis. There is no document making the case for global warming alarmism with nearly as many scientists’ signatures.
  • A survey of more than 1,800 atmospheric scientists within the American Meteorological Society shows less than half of the scientists believe humans are the primary cause of recent warming.
  • Comprehensive scientific summaries presented by the Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change reveal thousands of peer-reviewed studies contradict the alarmist global warming narrative.
  • In a survey of more than 500 climate scientists conducted by scientists at Germany’s Institute for Coastal Research, less than half agreed  “Natural scientists have established enough physical evidence to turn the issue of global climate change over to social scientists for matters of policy discussion.”
  • Scientific organizations such as the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Polish Academy of Sciences dispute the notion that humans are causing a global warming crisis. Others, such as the American Physical Society, point out there scientists are sharply split on the issue. 

And these facts don't include that there are more than 1,350 peer-reviewed scientific studies that refute the global warming theory.

As Krauthammer opines near the end of his column:

None of this is dispositive. It doesn’t settle the issue. But that’s the point. It mocks the very notion of settled science, which is nothing but a crude attempt to silence critics and delegitimize debate. As does the term “denier” — an echo of Holocaust denial, contemptibly suggesting the malevolent rejection of an established historical truth. 

H/T Howard Kurtz