Classy! Seth Meyers Gives Trump the Middle Finger

If you can't make people laugh, you do things like this.

Last week, TruthRevolt's Trey Sanchez wrote about what a hard time late night host Seth Meyers was having trying to get laughs with rude jokes about President Donald Trump.

"Abercrombie & Fitch has announced it's putting itself up for sale," he said at a recent gig at the Council of Fashion Designers of America Awards. "Meanwhile, thanks to Donald Trump, the United States has become a Banana Republic." Hilarity in the audience did not ensue.

I guess he hasn't learned his lesson, because he keeps trying... but now he's turning the crudity up a notch.

The FreeBeacon has the scoop:

During a segment called "Closer Look," Meyers cited a Newsweek story about Secretary of State Rex Tillerson's motorcade being flipped off while he was on his trip to New Zealand.

"To be hated by New Zealand?" Meyers asked. "Trump hasn't just lost Earth, he lost Middle Earth. Even Frodo's like, ‘Here's one finger to rule them all.'"

Meyers then gave the finger to the camera.

Watch it below:

We now have a President who apparently doesn't care one iota about what talk show hosts think of him. This is a welcome change from that time Bill Clinton played saxophone on Arsenio Hall's show, am I right?

If these comedians can't come up with pure gold with a guy like Trump in office, they should just quit.