City of San Diego Purges 'Founding Fathers' From Employee Communications

And more "offensive" language in new "bias-free" guideline.

If it is not already abundantly clear that an all-out assault on speech has been declared by the Left, the City of San Diego's new "bias-free language" guideline for its employees should be the last piece of evidence needed.

In January, San Diego unveiled a new city logo and released a visual style guide that would "enforce best practices" among employees when adopting the new look and to "ensure consistency" when printed materials featuring the logo are sent from the various offices.

The city made clear its goal to celebrate San Diego as a culturally and socially diverse epicenter and to ensure that city employees speak "with one, unified voice." To that end, a "correspondence style guide" was included in the regulations to ensure that all communications on official city letterhead will be free of offensive pronouns, gender/race/religious descriptions, or anything that can be perceived as bias:

The City of San Diego is committed to the elimination of discrimination and bias in all forms. The City recognizes the need to use written and spoken language and behaviors that convey respect and inclusion of all people. We are aware of the need to use language that recognizes our diversity and does not offend, demean or exclude people on the basis of gender, race, ethnic group, religion, age, ability/disability, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, familial or marital status, class, or political affiliations. Our goal is to encourage bias-free language - language that does not create or perpetuate real or perceived prejudice – in our written and spoken communication.

"When bias exists in attitudes, it is often reflected in the language used in formal and informal communication," it adds. "Being aware and mindful of our language, both written and oral, can help create a respectful and inclusive climate."

Here are screenshots of some of the guidelines asking employees to conform. Watch out men, you're up first:

Don't miss #5, which urges elimination of the term "Founding Fathers":

Additional rules include replacing "minorities" with "members of a minority group" and then specifying the minority group, e.g. Latino, Korean, Hmong.

"Be sensitive to religion when referring to various ethnic groups. Do not make assumptions," it states. "Just as not all Arabs are Muslim, most nationalities and ethnicities will embody different religious practices. Avoid stereotyping a race, nationality or ethnic group with a specific religion."

Also included are rules for "Disability/Ability Status," sexual orientation and gender identity and expression. 

Have no doubt: this is a war for the culture and your city could be next.