Citizen's Arrest Backfiring as Woman Exposed as Chronic Speeder

Miami FOP goes after, too, posting pics of her drinking and driving a boat.

TruthRevolt reported this week about a woman who conducted a citizen's arrest and pulled over a Miami police officer she accused of speeding. Now, her viral video of the encounter is backfiring as her own driving record is coming to light.

CBS Miami uncovered Claudia Castillo's checkered past with police finding that since 1998,  the woman, who chastised the officer for failing to lead by example, has been ticketed nine times for speeding (including in school zones), driving without a license and several accidents. Her latest crash was just two weeks ago.

The Miami Fraternal Order of Police has also jumped at the chance to humiliate Castillo after finding pictures posted online of her drinking and driving a boat. Miami FOP president Javi Ortiz took to social media to expose the woman:









However, Castillo isn't the only one being taken to task, because as it turns out the officer she "pulled over" isn't all that great behind the wheel. Along with "a stack" of commendations for doing excellent police work, Officer Daniel Fonticiella has a file "equally as large for accidents," according to the CBS Miami report:

The file revealed that over the last decade Fonticella has crashed seven times. Most of the accidents were deemed non-preventable, but three were his fault.

In October 2006, records show he sideswiped a vehicle on Miami Beach. A year later he crashed straight into a concrete poll while turning right. His police vehicle, a rented car, sustained $10,000 in damage. A few months after this accident he hit another poll trying to avoid a suspect. Fonticella had to take extra driving courses and since then has had three more accidents, though those were not his fault.

Making matters worse, the officer was recently commended for "not having accidents."

Newly-sworn in police director Juan Perez said an internal affairs investigation has begun and said a situation like this can expose the good and bad in policing:

In today’s day and age everything’s being videotaped, everybody’s watching everybody has greater demands of us, whether it’s right or wrong, the perception that was created by that traffic stop sheds a light on all of us.