Church Leases Building Housing Abortion Clinic, Evicts Them

Gives over a third of the building to pro-life groups

A Catholic Church in Lansing, Michigan figured out a way to shut down, at least temporarily, the only free-standing abortion clinic in the city: become their landlords. The Church of the Resurrection purchased a building housing the WomanCare abortion clinic effective Oct 1. The church immediately handed the clinic its notice of eviction and is giving 1,500 square feet of the building to pro-life groups.

As LifeNews reports, the WomanCare and its practitioner have controversial records. The facility is run by Theodore Roumell, whose other clinic, Feminine Health Care, was shut down for non-compliance with the State of Michigan. Feminine Health Care was also under scrutiny after a woman filed a lawsuit accusing the clinic of forcing her to have an abortion, telling ABC that though she changed her mind last second, she was pinned and her mouth was close as she tried to protest. Outside another WomanCare clinic in Lansing in 1989, pro-life advocates found the bodies of aborted babies in dumpsters.

The Church of the Resurrection will use the building to house church offices and pro-life groups, to whom the church is offering over a third of the 4,100 square foot space to “develop programs to affirm a comprehensive pro-life commitment to men and women in greatest need.”

One of the pro-life activists told LifeNews that the church sent a letter to Roumell expressing its hope that he will not attempt to “find another location,” but “convert and retire from the abortion industry altogether.”