Chuck Todd Warns Dems Not To Run From Obamacare in 2014

Debbie Wasserman Schultz's recent predictions that Democrats will run on Obamacare in 2014 has found an ally in MSNBC Chief White House correspondent Chuck Todd.

On Monday's Morning Joe, Todd opined that Democrats shouldn't be too quick to run from Obamacare because they are already stained by the bill's problems, and they can possibly gain votes from people such as Hispanic voters, amongst whom the President's signature bill is popular.

He also raised people with "pocketbook issues," perhaps forgetting that thanks to the President's "you can keep your plan" lie, many Americans with "pocketbook issues" will be paying much more for healthcare under the new law.

Willie Geist assumed the Democrats would have to run away when he asked Chuck Todd:

What was interesting to me over the course of the last couple weeks, seeing not just those Democrats, but Democrats sympathetic by and large to the President coming out publicly and saying we've got to fix this. We've got to change it. Whether it was Dick Durbin or Steny Hoyer, people the President can usually rely on. When you put it in those categories, they've got to run away Chuck, don't they, from Obamacare?

But Todd surprised Geist:

I don't buy it. I know the playbook says you've got to run away, but they’re already going to own the negative. And there is going to be a portion of the population that's going to be very happy -- this was always something, I think, that Republicans didn't understand. And what the Obama campaign back in 2012 would say you don't understand, particularly with Hispanic voters, health care was really popular. Particularly with voters who are struggling -- with Americans struggling with everyday pocketbook issues. The idea that the President of the United States went out on a limb and did something that was, you know, essentially trying to balance out something that has been -- that has been a problem for a lot of Americans. I think the Democrats got to be careful. If they start running for the hills too much – I mean, tell me where that playbook has ever worked?  Democrats in ’94 ran away from Bill Clinton. That worked—for the Republicans. Republicans running away from Bush in ’06, that really worked for them.”

Scarborough agreed:

Nothing more fun [than] debating somebody, and I did in ’94, that was running against their president. It’s just easy, easy pickings.

Lawrence O'Donnell urged the Democrats to go out and sell all the good things about Obamacare, and tell the people we will "fix the little problems."

With five million people who have already lost their insurance policies, and millions more who will lose them as we approach the employer mandate, it is very doubtful that Americans will consider them "little problems."