Chris Matthews' Slobbering, Fawning, Embarrassing Interview With Hillary

"You've shown a lot of guts out there."

Chris Matthews' show Hardball could not be less aptly named. His interviews with figures from the left like Barack Obama have been famously obsequious. But it is hard to top the softness of the balls he lobbed at former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton today as he spoke to her on a range of subjects. The interview is above. We are starting it at 4:25 for the best part.

On guns:

"Let's talk about guns, because you've shown a lot of guts out there. And we know all the politics of guns."

Timely. It's almost as if this was coordinated to coincide with Obama's speech today. 

For an equally gross amount of grovel, skip ahead to about 7:15 in the above video. Matthews discusses the issue of "stamina" and is amazed that anyone would bring up Hillary's age or how it might affect her stamina, as if this had never happened to a politician before in his lifetime. Apparently he didn't start following politics until after Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush and John McCain were hot campaign topics.

The rest is pretty much the same. Matthews is a liberal and doesn't hide it. But even in this very interview he brags about his being an "analyst" (praising and thanking Clinton for calling him one), he claims to conduct tough interviews for all, and his show is, after all, called Hardball. But today, whatever was hard, the questions and the interview definitely were not.