Chris Matthews' Dream Scenario: Hillary Picks Kasich as Running Mate

It would just "blow everybody's mind."

MSNBC's Chris Matthews never fails to provide us with an array of entertaining (and often enraging) segments each week. This time the Hardball host dared to dream out loud and tell the world what he hopes to see in the 2016 presidential election -- a dream-team combining Hillary Clinton and, yes, John Kasich: 

You know what I would like to see? I would like Hillary Clinton, I'd like to see her up about, five or ten points after her convention, er, going in to her convention, which is the second convention, and picking John Kasich, and blowing everybody's mind. Because that would just blow everybody's mind. They'd say, you know, McCain talked about doing it, picking Joe Lieberman. The first person that comes along and says, you know what, I'm going to pick somebody of quality on the other side, we're going to change this system, make it work. Just a thought. It probably won't happen, but maybe it will stir something just by saying it. 

Yes, Matthews, you've definitely blown more than a few minds -- namely a sizeable contingent among your liberal audience -- with that revelation.  Now wait for the hate-mail to come rolling in to your inbox.