Chris Matthews: Clinton Campaign 'Hurt' with Black Voters Because 'It Has No Soul'

Wow, Chris.

This is one of those Chris Matthews clips to which it's almost pointless to add commentary. MSNBC's Matthews said that Hillary Clinton's campaign has "no soul" and therefore is going to have problems with black voters.

It is likewise hardly necessary to ask how that comment would be received had it been made by a Fox News host. 

What is Matthews trying to say here? No soul? He was lucky there were other people on camera with him because he was just about a hair away from saying they don't "speak jive" or that Hillary needs to "put some stank" on her speeches.

It is hard not to agree with Matthews that Hillary's campaign doesn't seem to be "about" anything other than getting Hillary elected. There is no heart or soul to her campaign, that's true. But it's something every American should worry about. Not just the Americans that old, white MSNBC host Chris Matthews thinks of when he hears the word "soul."