Chris Matthews Apologizes For 'Two Cubans' Remark

Great job, MSNBC.

This week, TruthRevolt fave Chris Matthews stepped in it again ("it" being his own mouth) when he wondered aloud on the air who would be interested in watching a debate between "two Cuban guys." 

"Who’s going to watch a debate between the two Cuban guys? Who’s going to watch a debate between Rubio, Marco Rubio, and Ted Cruz? Who cares?"

Today Chris had to apologize for the comment, as reported by Newsbusters:

Tonight Matthews offered an apology on air right after his first segment. While credit is due for the on-air apology, I'll leave it to you to judge his sincerity.

As you can see in the above video, that does indeed require judgment:

CHRIS MATTHEWS: Serious note now, before I break, I want to deal with a matter that is entirely my fault.

Two nights ago, I said that ratings were going to suffer in tonight's Republican debate with Donald Trump not there. I said that a debate focused on the other top contenders, Senator Ted Cruz and Senator Marco Rubio wouldn't be the same draw. I referred to them as “the two Cuban guys.”

Well, it had nothing to do with the point I was making, it came up as condescending, even derogatory. It sounded like I was putting them down because of their background.

It was raw and insensitive and not just to the good Cuban-American people out there watching who heard about it, who have found freedom and pride in this country, its important groups out there, which I respect, have called me on it, and have been right to do so.

I’m sorry I said it. That’s it. I mean it.

Notice that he says "it SOUNDED" like I was putting them down because of their background. He expects, and is correct, that he'll be given a pass now, because he said that's not what he meant. It hardly requires mentioning that any host on Fox News regardless - and this is very important - regardless of their own ethnicity or background, would not be given a pass. It would absolutely be written forever in the stars that they denigrated Cubans. Because liberals in the media can get away with pretty much anything.

After all, who can forget this? 

Halperin gave a similarly trite apology, and never since has he paid for it. That's how it works for Democrats. And the media.

But we repeat ourselves.