Chris Hayes Patronizes His Audience with EVEN MORE THANKSGIVING TALKING POINTS

Talking Points accompany more traditional holiday fare on MSNBC table

MSNBC’s All In with Chris Hayes continued the network's creepy trend of teaching their viewers what to say to the uninitiated at Thanksgiving dinner. After a fun first segment where Hayes and his panel shared common laments from family gatherings, the discussion turned to the dominant political topic of the day: Obamacare.

Hayes and his panel then offered a variety of suggestions on how to spin the discussion, so as not to acknowledge that the healthcare roll out has been the outright disaster the rest of the country knows it to be.

Panelist Sam Seder suggested that the problem of people losing their insurance, despite the President’s promises to the contrary, were in fact quite overblown:

That's the interesting thing about it. I actually think that's going to be the least common thing that is brought up at the table. It is happening to far less people I think than people are seeing it.

Hayes said that the people who lost their insurance as a result of Obamacare would actually be better off:

People who have been the subjects of these stories are going to get subsidies and end up paying less. The woman in the CNBC story is going to pay less once she gets the subsidies.

And panelist Josh Barro instructed viewers, should they be actually confronted with a family member who has lost their insurance, to take a hands on approach:

If your relative is one of the 5 million people that has gotten a cancelation notice, get on the website with them and maybe you will find they are one of the 2 million people that are going to end up paying less.