Chris Hayes: Gay Mafia Turned Around AZ Discrimination Bill

Chris Hayes touted Dan Savage and the "Gay Mafia" for turning around the Arizona law protecting religious freedom.

Dan Savage, outspoken LGBT advocate and author joined Chris Hayes on MSNBC for special "Breaking News" coverage after Republican Gov. Jan Brewer of Arizona decided to veto SB1062, a bill that many on the left had argued amounted to "anti gay legislation." After introducing Savage, Hayes said,

The gay mafia! Powerful, powerful force man, you guys turned this thing around pretty quickly.

Savage chuckled and responded that they "couldn't prevent it" from being voted on in the first place and joked about the Chamber of Commerce's involvement in helping him and his supporters defeat the law. Hayes remarked that he was shocked that corporate America is now "routinely" aligning itself with "gay equality." Savage responded that the corporations were aligning themselves against discrimination and ironically pointed out the the LGBT community was not singled out in the bill,

... It's important to emphasize again and again that this bill just didn't single out just LGBT people for discrimination it didn't didn't mention LGBT people. It said that anyone who could point to a religious belief could discriminate anyone else for any reason. 

Savage then speculated that pharmacies could have refused women birth control, cabbies could have denied rides to drunk people and claimed the law would have led to "chaos."