Chicagoans Scourge Obama, Rahm Emanuel: ‘This Mayor Does Not Care About Black People’

People are finally waking up to the fact that Democratic policies have failed them.

This is a video not to be missed as it proves that there’s been an awakening across America that Democratic policies have failed inner city communities for far too long.

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes hosted a “Chicago in the Crosshairs” townhall to find out why the city has become such a hellhole and what he heard from some of them literally left him visibly blown away. That’s because Hayes heard strong and unexpected criticisms of liberal favorites Barack Obama and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel from the mouths of black people.

The video clip begins with an unnamed minister telling Hayes, “Be it housing, be it education, be it mass incarceration, all of these are federal policies and we have not yet — at this moment, including eight years of Obama — had someone in the White House who really cares about this city and about these problems here in the city of Chicago.”

Hayes’s reaction was priceless:

Then a young activist, Ja’Mal Green, takes over the mic and delivered a blistering critique of Mayor Rahm Emanuel, the likes we’ve not seen since Kanye West gave his opinion about George W. Bush during the Hurricane Katrina aftermath:

“But if we talking about violence, police isn’t [sic] the answer. You could put 100,000 police officers on the street — that will not reduce violence in the city of Chicago. Because police are only there to react… you have to put money into prevention. And right now, nobody has really said it, but his name is Rahm Emanuel and this mayor we have in the city of Chicago does not care about black people, and I’m going to put that on the record. 

“When you can invest $100 million into DePaul basketball arena when they can practice at the United Center for free, and $16.4 million into Uptown to build upscale apartments; when you can build these new bus stops we got downtown but walk in our neighborhoods and not a million is coming. We’re walking past boarded up schools, boarded up houses, they knocking down with red x’s with no plan to redevelop, mental health facilities shut down, the unemployment rate is the highest in Chicago than it is around the country, why do you want to talk about violence? You gotta talk about the economics, not police.”

Another community organizer in the video, Jedidiah Brown, had this eye-opening rebuke of Mayor Emanuel:

“People who are not going to do the mayor’s bidding, they become blocked from access. And we’re not trying to engage him, we’re trying to engage the office who has the resources to improve the quality of life. But they’re completely unaccessible to us and they’ve mastered their talking points to come up here and misrepresent everything that they’ve done.”

Wow. There’s room on the right side of the aisle. All are welcome.