Chicago Police Officer: Anti-Trump Protesters More Destructive Than Reported

"Did no one see this coming?”

The riotous mob that descended on GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump's Chicago rally on Friday was, according to one Chicago Police officer, far more vicious than media reported it to be. 

"It seems the [media] aren’t broadcasting footage of the debris being thrown across Harrison by Sanders/Hillary supporters at Trump fans," the officer wrote on his anonymous Second City Cop blog. 

The officer also stated that media did not cover the fact that protesters ran around breaking the windows of cars with Trump stickers on them and that Chicago PD summoned an emergency Incident Teams to deal with the angry mob. Breitbart provides additional excerpts from the police officers various posts: 

The officer insisted there was “pretty much zero in terms of a unified Command Post” for the event, and that officers had no central command to report to or coordinate response from.

“Who wrote this plan?” the officer wrote. “We’ve seen and heard reports that UIC was woefully unprepared for this. They had their own people and Monterey Security inside. The Secret Service had a presence, but they’re restricted to dignitary protection. The ISP had a squad there. And CPD. So where were the people geared up for a riot? For NATO we had an entire strike force geared up and ready to go. We had the Mounted Unit up and running. Tens of dozens of bikes. Did no one see this coming?”

The officer went on to insist that suddenly emptying the pavilion of Trump fans and “putting a few thousand people out on the street as targets” was a terrible decision. This decision led to many unnecessary confrontations between Trump fans and the anarchist protesters, the officer said. It also led to unnecessary property damage, the officer said.

The officer also issued a list of questions: 

Who gave up the expressway? Who let them block ambulances? Why did they not assemble citywide Incident Teams as soon as they knew the rally was canceled? Tact Teams? We even heard Mass Arrest kits weren’t available and only one transport wagon on scene in case arrests were made.

It seems this officer is reiterating the same questions and concerns expressed by many others who see the Friday protest as a highly organized effort to inflict as much damage as possible. 

We all need to remember that you don't need to support Trump for president to condemn thugs who use aggression as a means of intimidation and stifle free speech. Just look at how Dr. Martin Luther King -- who was faced with far more than just harsh words -- stood, along with his supporters, in protest of unspeakable ill. Anyone who claims the protest was about standing against Trump's hateful rhetoric is simply not telling the truth, because genuine protesters could have accomplished that feat peacefully.