Chicago Murder Rate 200% Higher Than This Time Last Year

Good work, Democrats.

While "only" two people were killed over the last weekend in Chicago, Breitbart reports that those murders have pushed the city’s murder rate to 102 deaths - two months earlier than last year and at least 200 percent higher than this time in 2015. Eighty-six of those deaths were from firearms.

One victim was a 30-year-old woman sitting in a taxi when shots were fired nearby, striking her in the head. The other was a 26-year-old man shot and killed as he too sat in a car, by someone who simply walked up to him and opened fire. In addition to those homicides, 26 other people were shot and wounded in Chicago that weekend.

The last time Chicago experienced 100 homicides during the first two months of the year, says Breitbart, was 1997, a year that ended with 761 homicides:

It has now been a full year since the last time Chicago went even a single day without having someone shot and killed or killed in some other manner. The last day Chicago saw without a homicide was January 28, 2015. Since that day there have been 556 citizens killed and an astonishing 2,769 wounded.

But by the first quarter in 2015, the murder rate had also climbed over that of the year before. In April of last year, killings had risen 30 percent over 2014.

Chicagoans are being shot at a rate three times higher in 2016 than this time last year, notes Breitbart - in a Democrat-controlled city with some of the strictest gun control laws in the country. 

Image Chris Sweda, Chicago Tribune