Chicago Community Organizer Slams Obama

"He forgot the community got him where he is."

The Chicago community organizers who helped lift Obama from obscurity to the presidency aren't too happy. It seems that the former president doesn't seem very grateful. Politico reports that Jeanette Taylor, the education director of the Kenwood Oakland Community Organization, is upset that the Obama Presidential Library isn't committed enough to giving back. In a Q&A event, she took this up with the former president:

“The library is a great idea, but what about a community benefits agreement?” Taylor asked, referring to a contract between a developer and community organizations that requires investments in, or hiring from, a neighborhood where a project is built. “The first time investment comes to black communities, the first to get kicked out is low-income and working-class people. Why wouldn’t you sign a CBA to protect us?”

Obama's response was terrible:

“I know the neighborhood. I know that the minute you start saying, ‘Well, we’re thinking about signing something that will determine who’s getting jobs and contracts and this and that’ … next thing I know, I’ve got 20 organizations coming out of the woodwork.”

Taylor is angry about it:

“He got a lot of nerve saying that,” Taylor Politico “He forgotten who he is. He forgot the community got him where he is.”

I guess that's a surprise to some, but it really shouldn't be.