Chicago Archbishop: Immigration Reform is God's Agenda

"God has always called us to a better life."

Pope Francis's newly-appointed archbishop of Chicago told Norah O'Donnell on Face the Nation Sunday that America must attend to immigration reform because God has written the aspirations for a better life on the hearts of all people.

Blase Cupich, the first American-appointed archbishop, was quoted by O'Donnell saying, "The work of comprehensive immigration reform is not important because it is on my agenda, but because it is on God's." 

"What does that mean," the guest-host asked. "God wants immigration reform?"

Cupich replied:

Well, it means that the aspirations that people have for a better life for their children -- in which they are reaching out in hope as many people who have come to this country have -- those aspirations were placed in their heart by God. We have to attend to that. 

This is not just something that they're wanting on their own. But God has always called us to a better life -- has always called us to experiencing how we can provide for our families in a better way. 

Being a grandson of immigrants, Cupich said he feels this "very deeply."