Cher Calls Sarah Palin the C-Word

Iconic female singer uses rude term and calls Palin a terrorist.

Cher's current hit, "Woman's World," is her eighth song to hit number one on Billboard's Hot Dance Club Song list. A repeated lyric in the song is "This is a woman's world."

Instead of celebrating her hit the liberal feminist decided to tweet out a vitriolic and disgusting slang word toward Sarah Palin, the "C" word. The use of the "C" word is the lowest low anyone could use to describe a woman. Apparently in Cher's "Woman's World," it is appropriate to call a fellow female this disgusting and inappropriate term. 


The tweet almost instantly received hundreds of retweets, prompting the pop star to follow up by calling not only Palin, but all 'Tea Party Jihadists' the c-word.



Accusing someone of being a terrorist jihadist is horrible enough. This language from anyone is disrespectful and ill-intentioned When it comes from one woman to another, it tears down any opportunity for a meaningful discussion about how women should be treated in our society. How can we expect men to respect us when we're busy calling each other words men are virtually forbidden to use?

If this is the language Cher plans to use in her "Woman's World," then I don't want to be a part of it.