Charlie Rangel: Tea Party Are "Mean, Racist People" Who Worship Confederate Flag

"in those red states, they’re the same slave-holding states."

Rep Charlie Rangel (NY-D) was interviewed on NY1's Inside City Hall on Tuesday night. When he was asked what the federal government could do to prevent more tragedies such as last week's building explosion in East Harlem, he responded with a tirade about the Tea Party, those "mean, racist" people. 

We can do a lot about it because this is the President's program. It's hard for me to explain how you work with a president that thought that he could really deal with the Republican leadership. He really thought and maybe it was the water they drink at Harvard [President Obama's alma mater] that he could deal with the Tea Party. They are mean, racist people. Now why do I say that? Because in those red states, they’re the same slave-holding states. They had the Confederate flag. They became Dixiecrats; they had the Confederate flag. They’re now the Tea Party; they still got the Confederate [flag]. I don’t think that’s a coincidence. There is nothing the president can do–not love of country, not love of party–that they’re not prepared to kill themselves to get to him.

Rangel, who was censured for corruption by the House of Representatives in 2010, is running for a 23rd term in 2014.