Charlie Rangel: Some Republicans 'Believe That Slavery Isn't Over'

“Everything we believe in — everything we believe in — they hate.”

Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-NY) pulled out all the race-baiting stops at a campaign rally for New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo Thursday, describing Republicans as Civil War-era Confederates and declaring that some Republicans "believe that slavery isn’t over."

“We have to win,” shouted Rangel. The reason: because “everything we believe in [Republicans] hate”:

We have to win. We have to be able to send a national message with Andrew Cuomo. And the thing is: Everything we believe in — everything we believe in — they hate. They don't disagree — they hate! They think if you didn't come from Europe 30 years ago, you didn't even make it. Some of them believe that slavery isn't over and they and think they won the Civil War!"

As for the Democratic Party, well, they’re doing “God’s work”:

And so what we have to do is send a collective voice. Everything we're doing is God's work: education, healthcare, affordable housing, [protecting against] discrimination, paying people the minimum wage.

As Business Insider notes, Rangel’s Confederate analogy is not new; he’s shamelessly repeatedly that charge for years.

With things looking grim for Democrats next week, Rangel’s certainly not the only one resorting to race-baiting as a last-ditch effort to turn out the frustrated and disenchanted minority vote.