Charles Whatshishammer A Mystery To 'The View' Hosts

"Who is this guy?" asks some lady who wandered onto the set.

This week, ABC's The View has premiered their new host line-up, which features token Republican commentator Nicolle Wallace. For day two of "righties in the mist" co-host Whoopi Goldberg brought up a recent column by conservative hero Charles Krauthammer, in which he refers to President Obama as "a narcissist." Goldberg asks Wallace to explain or defend the article.

Right off the bat, Whoopi let America know that Krauthammer is not on her radar by mispronouncing his name and giggling through her reading of his column. (She pulled the same giggle gag when discussing Sarah Palin in another segment, because aren't Republicans so very self-evidently clownlike and absurd, suggests the "Mother Goose: A Rappin' and Rhymin' Special" star.) 

Not to be outdone, an apparent walk-in off the street, perhaps wayward from some sort of care facility, immediately pointed out that she does not know who Charles Krauthammer is at all. Like, at all. 

"Nicolle, so can you tell us, who is that guy? Never heard of him."

Wallace began to answer, but the potential prison escapee who was just looking for a warm place to lay low was not yet finished, interrupting to make it super clear that she definitely, absolutely, for super realsio does NOT know who Charles Krauthammer is by asking "And what does he do?"

What does he do? "Writes columns" immediately springs to mind, since a column is what is being read and discussed on the show that the woman may or may not be aware she is on. Wallace takes the fire and explains that, actually, he is a rather famous person who writes and appears on television and has degrees and eats food and everything just like a real person. Which is all fine because Whoopi and the recently returned alien abductee have made their point, which is that they don't pay attention to opinions from people who they do not already know they will agree with. Which is of course a healthy and mentally superior way of doing things, according to the pamphlet "#YesAllLiberals" that probably is a thing.

Anyway, they sure told him! Whoever he is.