Chaos at Yale as PC-Indoctrinated Students Revolt Against Their Liberal Educators

They seem to believe they have a right to personal space in public.

Things are really bad in America when a college student can almost single-handedly oust a sitting president of a university by simply claiming racism. And Yale is quickly joining ranks, exploding from within as the easily-offended student body is revolting against the First Amendment.

These Ivy-leaguers are offended that two administrators told them to make their own decisions regarding wearing or seeing "inappropriate" (racist, insensitive) Halloween costumes and avert their eyes if necessary. This practical advice fell on deaf ears, as offended minority students surrounded and forced the master of Yale's Silliman College, Nicholas Christakis, to apologize. They want his job next, and with the University of Missouri president resigning for similar reasons, this is no longer a ridiculous notion.

Similarly, Yale's black college dean, Jonathan Holloway, was also surrounded recently and berated for doing nothing when a fraternity allegedly threw a "White Girls-only" party.

This is today's college campus and is the direct result of progressivism. 

Further illustrating the fissures cracking beneath the weight of social justice warriors being in a constant state of offense, new video has surfaced showing students struggling with the freedoms offered under the First Amendment. In the video above, students wonder why they aren't allowed privacy in a public space.

Maybe their ignorance of the Constitution is a direct result of having never read it. Or, as TruthRevolt previously reported, it may be because Yale administrators have no respect for America's founding document as they were caught on video willingly and literally shredding copies to appease these precious offended snowflakes. And all this for the low, low price of $65,000 per year!