Celebs Gang Up, Mock 'Thoughts and Prayers' After Texas Church Massacre

Thoughts and smears from our moral betters.

After each and every mass shooting, Hollywood and political celebrities make way for Twitter to lecture us from their perceived moral high ground about guns while the bodies of the dead are still warm. And what’s getting worse with each incident is their hatred for those of us who can only offer up our thoughts and prayers to the victims and their families. 

For the faithless, mockery is the way to deal with those in prayer over the horrific shooting at a Baptist church in Texas. Here are some of the worst reactions:






















Then there was Chelsea Handler who flat out blamed Republicans for the shooting:



Former President Obama chimed in with his thoughts, apparently overlooking the fact that the shooter broke gun laws already in place to purchase his weapon AND also violated the classic “don’t murder” law at least 26 times:

But the Left knows best.