Celebs and Others Make Video of Most Memorable Moments from Obama Presidency

Get your vomit bags ready.

Celebrities, activists, children and other sycophants have taken part in a nauseatingly treacly goodbye to President Obama in a new video by the White House titled, “Yes We Can: Your Most Memorable Moments from the Obama Presidency.” That's actually the title. We suppose it could have been worse: "The Second Coming: Where Were You When Barack Obama Descended From Heaven?' or something of that sort.

The video features figures such as environmentalist hypocrite Leonardo DiCaprio, abortion enthusiast Gloria Steinem, Communism enthusiast Harry Belafonte, and someone named Chance the Rapper, who praises Obama for commuting the sentences of felons.

“I never cried before, from an election result,” says singer John Legend in the video. We cried too, John, both times.

Talk show host Ellen DeGeneres tells us that her favorite moment with Barack Obama was dancing with him at his birthday party. "He's a good dancer," she assures us, apparently because that's such a critical quality American citizens look for in a President.

The video ends with the invitation to share your most memorable Obama moment at WH.gov/Farewell. We at TruthRevolt suggest you take them up on that. Our favorite moment is watching moving vans line up outside the White House.

Check out the video above, but trigger warning: could cause severe nausea.

H/t The Hill