Celebrity Enablers of Black Homicides: Beyonce

"Beyonce ain't no damn racist."

Today TruthRevolt begins a series called Celebrity Enablers of Black Homicides, in which we highlight those progressive celebs whose support of Black Lives Matter, the Black Panthers, and/or other forms of anti-cop activism is fueling an open season on law enforcement officers, higher crime rates in the inner cities, and more black-on-black crime.

Our premiere profile is of pop superstar Beyonce, wife of rapper Jay-Z and close friends with President Obama (who deserves a profile of his own). Beyonce earned this spot for her increasingly, radically politicized career, culminating so far in her disgraceful celebration of the Black Panthers and the Black Lives Matter movement during her Super Bowl halftime performance last Sunday. (For an elaboration of that, read Dawn Perlmutter's excellent piece on FrontPage Magazine, "Super Bowl Halftime Anti-Police Rally") 

Beyonce may have fans in high places, but ever since she made the terrorist organization the Black Panthers part of that show - one of the most-watched events in television history - most Americans have not responded favorably, and have now launched a #BoycottBeyonce initiative that is picking up steam. 

Launched on Twitter, the movement has picked up a strong following, with many Twitter users angered by the show's anti-law enforcement imagery, not to mention the glamorizing of a terrorist organization. Tweets below:







Though popular, the movement is not without its left-wing critics, of course: