Celebrities Respond To Ferguson Decision

"The system that instills & protects white supremacy wins again."

American celebrities took to Twitter and Instagram to condemn what they deemed to be the unjust decision by the Ferguson grand jury.

While some simply expressed solidarity with the Browns, others decried the injustice and inequality of the "white supremacy" (Macklemore) system and repeated now proven-to-be-untrue accounts of the tragic shooting (including Moby's claim that Officer Darren Wilson "chased down" Michael Brown to shoot him dead). The thorough evidence presented by McCulloch, the lengthy investigation, and airtight grand jury process are all apparently dismissed for the sake of perpetuating the “Mike Brown Movement.” 







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Many high-profile athletes also jumped on Twitter to express their disappointment and outrage, including LeBron James, Magic Johnson, Reggie Bush, and Serena Williams:





Reggie Bush not only decried what he deemed to be the injustice of Ferguson, but connected it to the the treatment of Palestinians by Israelis: