CBS Runs Story on Transgender Children

"Gender dysphoria" a growing problem among the youth of America?

CBS Sunday Morning ran a story titled "Born This Way: Stories of Young Transgender Children" with reporter Rita Braver at the helm. The story featured three kids, all from California, with gender identity issues and the parents who allow them to live as the opposite sex. 

Children's Hospital Los Angeles Specialist Johanna Olson called this phenomenon "gender dysphoria" or, "persistent unhappiness, discomfort and distress about the incongruence between the gender that you are assigned, based on your anatomy at birth, versus the way you internally experience gender."She added that she sees "between one and five trans kids a week" resulting in nearly a "330 percent increase over the year of 2013." "It's just phenomenal," she said.

Braver inquired as to what is happening: "Are there more transgender children?" Olson replied, "It's not so much that there are more transgendered kids; it's that trans people are coming out earlier."

Now doctors are prescribing puberty blocking drugs to children so that they don't develop facial hair or breasts. But while the effects of the drugs can be reversed, the effects of the hormones can't. For that, according to Dr.Olson, there is no going back.

Born a girl, Venice, age 13 and featured in the story, has begun the hormone and puberty blocking treatments to be more like a boy. Venice says the upside to the treatments is, "That I'll actually get to have part of the body I do want." But Venice admits to being scared of "bottom surgery" in the future, fearing how much pain sex-change surgery could cause.

Also featured, and perhaps even more alarming, was 6-year-old Mati, formerly known as Mattias. Mati's parents said their son was "miserable when treated as a boy." By the time he was old enough for kindergarten, they enrolled their child as a girl.

"She was in pain," the mother said. "I don't see that there was another option. She was uncomfortable, she was unhappy. You can't see your child suffer like that." She added, "What did we have to lose at this point? She's happier."

Braver, sitting on Mati's pink bed, gently asked, "Is there anything you'd like to say for maybe other children who people say, 'Oh, you're a boy,' but they know that they're a girl?" "Maybe let them choose," Mati replied.

The lone dissenting voice on the program was Brad Dacus of the Pacific Justice Institute -- labeled "a conservative legal group" -- who appeared only long enough to speak on the California law that passed making it the first state to allow transgender children to use school bathrooms, locker rooms and play sports of their gender identity. Dacus called the law "ludicrous, and really unreasonable:"

You're saying under this law that a 13-year-old or 14-year-old girl in a locker room has to change and dress and be naked in front of, say, a 16-year-old boy simply because a 16-year-old boy who's a biological boy, but inside has a mental condition called gender identity dysphoria and thinks that he's a girl.

Gender dysphoria, or gender unhappiness, among children, especially young children, is appearing more and more in the media. As recently as the end of May, a viral YouTube video about 5-year-old Ryland, a transgender kid, was seen over 5 million times and was featured at the Harvey Milk Diversity Breakfast, as reported here on TruthRevolt. This California family encouraged their "healthy, beautiful and happy" girl to become a "healthy, handsome and EXTREMELY happy" boy.

One astute commenter on the CBS story captured the essence of this phenomenon with this summation:

Instead of assigning yourself or your child a gender, wouldn't it be more in line with their "enlightened" progressive thinking to just be a "human" who enjoys a variety of styles, activities, colors, etc? Why do they seek to identify as one gender at all? I thought they believe gender is irrelevant.