CBS Mocks 'Ignorant' Noah's Ark Attraction

Yes or Noah?

CBS News came on hand last week to mock all those stupid Christians with their stupid fables about magic men on crosses and floating zoos. 

Reporting on Kentucky's new Noah's Ark Experience – a Christian theme-park with a life-size replica of the biblical structure – CBS News just helped themselves to a few servings of Christian bashing by commenting on the structure's ignorance while question whether its tax-exempt status violates separation of church and state. 

For the record, I do not agree with the theme park's founder Ken Ham on any of his conclusions regarding a 6,000-year-old earth. That being said, a theme park depicting Noah's Ark and how it may have looked seems like a rather harmless display of a story beloved by Jews and Christians alike. 

Is there any reason for CBS News to say that "some critics see the ark as a celebration of ignorance" and then go on to highlight that point by bringing on a snarky leftist from the Tri-State Free Thinkers to say "Noah's Ark is a church. It is clearly a religious point of view that says science is false and gay people are icky." 

Though founder Ham has expressed questionable, and even downright false, scientific views regarding creationism, none of the CBS News report even centered on that, but instead expressed contempt that the Ark had been erected at all, with Bill Nye "the Science Guy" predictably appearing to say: "It would be a hilarious thing for people from other parts of the world to come visit. Are you kidding? Somebody really built this? Wow. Use your head, everybody. Just decide for yourself if you think this is reasonable. "

What I'm about to say has become par for the course in a report like this, but I'll say it as long as it still holds true. I dare CBS to report on Islam with the same level of contempt and snark.