CBS Begins The 2016 Campaign: Airs Biased Report of Chris Christie 'Scandal'

Sensing an opportunity, national Democrats pounced and "bridgegate" was formed.

Although Chris Christie hasn't yet declared whether he will be running for President in 2016, CBS News has already taken up the traditional mainstream media role of trashing the Republican candidate.

Thursday's CBS This Morning featured a report about a Democratic Party created Christie scandal. The claim is that the NJ Governor ordered the closure of two lanes of a bridge in order to punish Fort Lee’s Democratic Party mayor who had refused to endorse the governor’s reelection bid.

While reporter Elaine Quijano did acknowledge the "scandal" was a Democratic Party creation, she used the report to ram home Christie's reputation as a tough guy, and while she spoke about the New Jersey and National Democrat's side of the story, she neglected to mention that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, who is also a Democrat backed Christie's version of the story.

After explaining the shutdown of two lanes, Quijano went on the attack, switching between her comments and those of NY Times reporter Kate Zernike.


The Democratic Mayor of Ft. Lee (on the immediate NJ side of the bridge) said Chris Christie was retaliating. Sensing an opportunity, national Democrats pounced and "bridgegate" was formed.


He's considered a front-runner for the nomination in 2016 and I thank see this as an enduring issue to highlight the vulnerability of Christie in that he has a reputation of being a bully.


Democrat Jay Rockefeller said he was concerned that political appointees were abusing their power to hamper interstate commerce and safety. He's referring to the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, the agency that operates the bridge whose top officials are appointed by the government officials of both states.

She returned to Zernike to suggest that Christie was somehow doing something illegal by making political appointments

It's a place for governors to reward their friends.

Concluding, Quijano aired Christie's denial but first got in one more suggestion of illegal cronyism and one more shot at his "bully" reputation"

The Christie appointee who awarded it has resigned. So has his boss, another Christie loyalist. And the traffic study? Well, that has yet to surface but in typically blunt terms Christie denied any retribution of any Ft. Lee radar.