CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Clinton Staffers Talk About Grabbing Ass, Committing Voter Fraud

Like Obama says, Democrats always "go high."

James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas is on fire this week with video after video exposing the corruption inside the Democratic Party. His stuff has been so hot, O’Keefe was even locked out of his Twitter account for 12 hours for “violating policy.” He must be hitting a nerve!

Wikileaks has also been hitting the Hillary Clinton campaign hard, and it's in full "Ignore" mode trying to capitalize on the accusations of sexual harassment by Donald Trump. But as O’Keefe discovered, Clinton has a sexual harasser among her own staff. Of course, given how her husband has escaped any real punishment over the years, this must just be an even smaller blip on her radar.

Hillary campaign field organizer Wylie Mao was caught on video saying “the bar of acceptable conduct on this campaign is pretty, pretty low.” So low, in fact, he was confident he could grab a female staffer’s "ass" more than once and not get fired:

“I don’t give a sh*t. They are not going to fire me. I would have to, like, grab Emma’s ass twice.”

Later, he was surprised by a PVA journalist who confronted him about his comments. He said nothing and ducked away inside the Florida headquarters. His exact reaction is caught in the pic above. But his prediction was correct because he's still employed there. A PVA journalist was turned away days later after spotting Mao inside the campaign site. Audio of that encounter here.

Yet, there’s something worse going on inside the Clinton campaign: voter fraud.

As PVA discovers, several other field organizers are either actively avoiding supposed Trump supporters when they are out registering voters or allowing Republican voter forms to be destroyed. Also, if a Democrat registers, the Florida branch gives them the option to vote by mail because it’s so easy. But if they let a Republican register, they don’t give them that option.

It appears there's something more sinister behind the campaign slogan:

The Freedom Center is a 501c3 non-profit organization. Therefore we do not endorse political candidates either in primary or general elections. However, as defenders of America’s social contract, we insist that the rules laid down by both parties at the outset of campaigns be respected, and that the results be decided by free elections. We will oppose any attempt to rig the system and deny voters of either party their constitutional right to elect candidates of their choice.