Carson: Roe v. Wade Same As Dred Scott

"We should fight it."

Presidential candidate Ben Carson finally said what all pro-lifers feel: the SCOTUS Roe v. Wade ruling is equal to the infamous Dred Scott decision, which effectively declared that black slaves are inhuman property of their white masters, deserving of no rights. 

Saying he would wage battle with the Supreme Court the same way President Lincoln did over slavery, Carson told Princeton professor Matthew Franck a pro-life message many wish he had delivered sooner:

"Yeah, I would definitely be willing to engage in that kind of confrontation, very much the same way that Abraham Lincoln was willing to engage in confrontation with the Dred Scott case. He felt that slavery was immoral, it was the wrong path to take, and the Supreme Court was defending slavery, as they've defended several things that were incorrect. We have a history that shows that they are not infallible, and therefore we should not simply submit to something that we know to be wrong. We should fight it."

"There is not only the right to intervene, there is the duty to intervene," Carson continued, "particularly when new knowledge is discovered."