Carney Doesn't Even Try To Defend Hillary Not Designating Boko Haram A Terror Group

We're not saying she was wrong, but we're not not saying it!

Even MSNBC thinks it was a mistake not to name Boko Haram a terror organization. When challenged on this failure, Jay Carney's only answer amounts to "well we've named it one now!"

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney appeared on MSNBC today to discuss, among other things, the situation in Nigeria. "Jay we're also learning that back in 2011, then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton rejected calls to name Boko Haram a terrorist organization," the host began. "Was that a mistake given that it would have put more resources into actually fighting and combating Boko Haram which is now characterized as a terrorist organization?"

Carney petulantly responds that "well in fact as you just noted we have now designated Boko Haram as a terrorist organization." He also says they previously identified individual members of the organization as terrorists. This is what you call "non-responsive." He does not address the additional resources that would have been available if the group had been so designated. He does not explain why it was not designated. He offers no defense of Clinton's decision. What he does is state what the White House is doing now, and how the White House has viewed the group all along. Gee, it's almost like the White House sees this turning south on them and is drawing a distinction between their actions and Clinton's.

Carney then points what "cannot be forgotten": the responsibility for these heinous acts lies entirely with Boko Haram. Of course it does. And America's responsibility is to fight terror. And Secretary Clinton's responsibility was to call a horse a horse. She didn't. Carney does not defend that decision. 

Should the organization have been named a terror group two years ago back when you claim its leaders were being called terrorists, Secretary Carney? Should Boko Haram have been designated a terror organization, thereby freeing up resources and untying our hands to better fight them, since you say we have been fighting them all along?

You are conceding they are a terror group, that they have been all along, and that we should fight them. That sounds like Secretary Clinton made a bad call. That sounds like you agree that Secretary Clinton made a bad call. Maybe you won't say it, or don't see it, but the rest of America doesn't have that problem.

Not even MSNBC.