Candidate of the People: Hillary's Van Parks In Handicap Spot

Via The Right Scoop, the above video confirms that Hillary's tour van, affectionately referred to as the Scooby Doo Van, did indeed park, or least wait, in a parking spot designated for the handicapped at a campaign stop this morning. 

On Hillary Clinton's website, there is quote from the candidate that reads "Everyday Americans need a champion. I want to be that champion." With the kind of packaging her campaign has been trying to slap on the barn, it is not hard to see why Madame Privilege parking in a handicap parking spot would go against message.

On Twitter, Dave Weigel of Bloomberg Politics makes the case that the van was not parked but merely standing, only there to pick up the former First Lady.

That response led to this brief exchange:

And while Weigel makes a fair point, one thing the DC media never stop talking about when it comes to Republican candidates is the "optics." The optics on this photo and video of one-percenter Hillary blocking a spot for handicapped people so she can get quick, press-limited access from door to car is definitionally bad "optics." Or as Soopermexican put it:

new video at one of her stops makes some think that the coronated presidential candidate might either be handicapped, or just a jerk.

Which leads to another question: why can't it be both?

Parting shot. This requires no explanation: