Canadian PM Trudeau: We Won't Attack ISIS Even if Bombed

Apparently the greatest threat to ISIS is Canadian multiculturalism.

When it comes to brutal Islamic terrorists bent on destroying the West, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says it's all about "rising above fear" and showing that the best way to defeat ISIS is to live in a pluralistic, multicultural society. 

Thus, the Canadian leftist has vowed that his military will not bomb ISIS even if Canada is attacked. Israel National News shares highlights of the recent interview in which Trudeau shows he hasn't a grasp on reality, does not understand what ISIS really wants, and does not know how to protect his citizenry. Maintaining that he will keep his post-election promise to end the Canadian Air Force's role in the allied bombings of ISIS, Trudeau said he will instead focus on humanitarian work in Syria and Iraq. 

In an interview with Global News, Trudeau said that he sees no reason to change this new policy towards ISIS and the threat of Islamic terror, even if a terror attack similar to the one in Paris were carried out on Canadian soil.

Trudeau, who as Prime Minister receives daily briefings on matters of national security, said that “it is no surprise that there are angry extremists and terrorists out there who wish Canadians and Canada harm and countries like it around the world. The key on understanding that, is how we let that affect us.”

[...]Trudeau argued that the greatest threat to ISIS is a tremendously open and diverse society in which Muslims and other minorities are fully integrated into mainstream secular society, and that compatibility between extraordinary diversity and a successfully safe society is Canada’s greatest strength and that that is what needs to be highlighted.

“Canada is committed to having a military engagement in the fight against ISIL (ISIS) but in a helpful and substantive way. We have made the decision that we will pull out the CF-18’s and ending the bombings that Canada has been involved in, and we will be doing something else.”

Trudeau said that Canada's efforts in the fight against ISIS will be in helping people "get their homes back." 

He added that he will not allow Canada to "live in fear," presumably by making sure his people's heads remain buried in the sand.