Canadian Baby Dies at Home While Hospital Over Capacity

"The hospital said there was no room — for my dying baby."

Five-week-old baby Blayke Hay-McAllister died in her Canadian home after being sent away from the local hospital because there was no room. Blayke's mom Tessa McAllister took her baby to the hospital for testing two days before she died where the baby was diagnosed with a respiratory virus. The next day, as her baby continued to struggle, McAllister took her baby back to her family doctor, Dr. Jeffrey Hans. She told Canadian Broadcasting Company:

"My baby's sick and I don't think I can do it. So I went (to the doctor) and I said that. 'I don't think I can take care of her at home.'" The doctor called the hospital. "He called the hospital with me in the room, and the hospital said there was no room — for my dying baby."

Dr. Hans told her to take her baby home for the night and return to his office the next morning. "He was my doctor for 34 years and I trusted him," she said. "They told him there was no room for her. So I trusted she would make it through the night."

She sat up through the night holding her baby and woke to find that she had died:

"Holding my dead daughter … I'll never get that picture out of my head," said McAllister. "I'll never forgive myself for falling asleep. Because what if she did make a little tiny noise? That's something I'll have to live with for the rest of my life."

The hospital adminstrators say they would never turn away a patient in need, regardless of occupancy at the hospital. However, another mom says that her child almost died a year ago when sent away from the same hospital. 

Socialized medicine. Isn't it great?