Can Your State Pick The Prez?

WaPo shows which state has best record

We all know, or should have learned since the 2000 presidential election, that it is not the popular vote but the states and the electoral college that decide who gets to be president. It is a game of campaigning and ultimately math. So how good are states at picking which candidate will be president?

The Washington Post analyzed how states have voted since the advent of the modern primary system which evolved over several decades. The Post used 1968 as its benchmark and determined how individual states performed. You can read the whole article here, but below are the worst states (it goes to 51 because the District of Columbia was included) and then shows the best five states at picking the occupant of the White House.

51. Alaska, 38.5 percent (excluding home-state candidates)

50. Iowa, 50

49. Michigan, 53.3

48, Arizona, Massachusetts, Nevada, 53.8 (3-way tie)


5. Virginia, 91.7

2. Illinois, Idaho, Missouri, 92.3 (3-way tie)

1. Wisconsin, 93.8 percent (excluding home-state candidates)