Campbell's Soup Commercial Shows in 15 Seconds Just What Feminism Has Wrought

Anyone shocked at why men don't want to get married?

After the very strange Women's March in Washington, DC, normal Americans were besieged on social media with images of women dressed as genitalia screaming about their periods. It caused this nation's women to wonder, is this what modern feminism looks like?

Though at least some feminists want to don a pussy hat and scream about sexuality in front of a bunch of strangers, feminism's more common legacy is creating women incredibly insensitive to the plight of their male partners. Modern feminism means placing your own needs and wants over anyone else's. Without fail. 

One company captured this sad dynamic very well in a recent, fifteen-second ad. Campbell's new chicken noodle soup commercial boggles the mind in its depiction of the modern female:

On her way out the door, a woman asks her boyfriend if he still isn't feeling well. He confirms that, no, he is not and states that his mom used to make him Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup whenever he was sick. The girlfriend turns around as if she is going to make him some soup but quickly returns, throws a phone at him and tells him to call his mom. Now, he's free to make the soup himself.

Sheesh... after I ate that chicken noodle soup and got well, the first thing I'd do is ask that women to turn in her set of keys and get out of my life for good.

Feminism, in all of its glory, is basically a perpetual push for women to put their own needs above the needs of men, children, or even the community at large. Self-fulfillment is the ultimate goal, consequences be damned. Campbell's Soup recognizes this unfortunate state of modern relationships.

In fact, note that the woman -- who could've been a wife -- is given merely the status of "girlfriend" in the marketing execs' plans. That might be because no one's going to want to marry a self-obsessed woman who's so inconsiderate that she tosses a phone instead of preparing some soup. Or it might be because women like the one depicted in the commercial wouldn't slow down long enough to actually get married.  

Either way, Campbell's Soup wins. Anyone who sees that commercial will feel sad about the way things are going in this nation and will definitely need some comfort food.

H/T Instapundit