The Campaign Begins: Hillary to Headline Margolies Fundraiser

The first political activity for Hillary in 2014

In what will be the first political appearance she has made this year, Hillary Clinton will headline a May 15 fundraiser for Marjorie Margolies, her daughter’s mother-in-law. Clinton’s appearance is in part a return favor for Margolies, who is attempting to recapture the Pennsylviania congressional seat she lost in 1994 due to her reluctant support of Bill Clinton’s highly controversial 1993 budget.

Politico reports that according to a copy of the invitation, the event—for which Clinton will be the “star attraction”—is “stacked” with her supporters. The fundraiser is being hosted by Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild at her Manhattan home, and will feature high-profile political activists such as Barbaralee Diamonstein-Spielvogel and Jill Iscol.

Most importantly, as Politico points out, this is the first political activity for Clinton in 2014, and, along with the fundraiser Bill Clinton held for her, appears to be a ramp-up for her 2016 Democratic presidential run.

Margolies is the mother of Chelsea Clinton’s husband, Marc Mezvinsky. Margolies lost her congressional seat in 1994 after being the deciding approving vote on Bill Clinton’s 1993 budget. Though Margolies had planned to vote against the controversial budget, Clinton reportedly contacted her personally and convinced her to flip her vote.

Though House Democrats cheered her vote, Margolies’ constituents did not. House Republicans understood the significance of the budget's approval, after the vote calling out, “Goodbye Marjorie!” She lost the seat to Republican Jon D. Fox and was one of the 34 Democratic incumbents defeated in the so-called Republican Revolution.