Calls to Omar Mateen's Family Now Being Directed to CAIR

Welcome to the terror-tied CAIR hotline, how may I direct your call?

Counter Jihad is reporting that members of the media and investigators who attempt to call the father or other family members of Omar Mateen are now being directed to a lawyer for the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

Not only that, another lawyer is being allowed to sit in with the FBI as it conducts interviews with suspects at the Fort Pierce mosque that Mateen attended. It is noted that the FBI has suspended formal ties to CAIR over its association with terrorist groups. 

Paul Sperry for Counter Jihad writes:

CAIR lawyered up a suspect who was interviewed by two FBI agents at the mosque for about 30 minutes on Friday. The CAIR lawyer, Omar Saleh, also happens to be a longstanding member of that same mosque — the Islamic Center of Fort Pierce — as well as a friend of the Mateen family. Mateen’s sisters, who work at the mosque and own property on the same street, follow local CAIR coordinators on social media.

The small Islamic center has now graduated two deadly terrorists in the past two years, including a worshiper who became the first American suicide bomber in Syria. Local law enforcement authorities call it “a breeding ground” for terrorists.

Saleh has positioned himself as the arbiter between investigators and the mosque members. He isn't charging for his legal help and has offered the entire local Muslim community free legal advice. 

CAIR has also taken over as the mosque's official mouthpiece and have managed to minimize Mateen's involvement with the mosque "claiming he was a fringe member who was quiet and kept to himself," according to Counter Jihad.

Saleh added, "He was just a person who came in and out. Most people didn’t know him at all … There’s no way anyone would know [he was going to kill Americans.]"

CAIR has placed itself in a position of power to control the narrative of what happened in Orlando, just as it did in San Bernardino, when it called that attack "workplace violence." The Hamas-tied organization is deflecting from the facts that show Mateen was radicalized and that his father has supported the Taliban. Currently, the elder Mateen is on the federal terrorist watchlist.

If you'd like further details, contact CAIR, where the spin is so hard, you're responsible for jihad.