California Lt. Governor: 'Easier to Buy Gun Than Happy Meal'

"Would you like a Glock with those fries?"

The former Mayor of San Francisco Gavin Newsom, now Lt. Governor of California, believes people of his state have an easier time buying a gun than a McDonald's Happy Meal.

Echoing President Obama's lie that inner-city kids can get their hands on a Glock more easily than a book, Newsom had sent a campaign email of his assessment on the ratio of Happy Meals to guns in California, which an article from the largely left-leaning Politifact supported:

In the Politifact article, the number of estimated licensed gun dealers clocks in 2,315, but could be as high as 2,900 due to the heavy burdens placed on individuals holding a Federal Firearms License (FFLs), who opt out of applying to for a California license to avoid the hassle. There 1,165 McDonald's in the Golden State. 

It matters little to Newsom and Politifact that gun buyers must be of legal age, submit to a mandatory ten-day waiting period, register the weapon with the state, undergo a background check, and observe magazine capacity laws. To get a Happy Meal you just need some spare change. 

Also, Newsom and Politifact place the two variables on unequal scales of comparison. McDonald's happens to be the one business that sells Happy Meals. Licensed Gun dealers consist of multiple businesses and sell to an entire market. The correct ratio should be fast-food restaurants to gun dealers, which would be no comparison.

In any case, the comparison is ludicrously false. Apparently it's easier to be elected Lt. Gov. of California than it is to speak rationally and truthfully about guns in this state.