California Assembly Passes Harshest Gun Control Law In The Country

Guilty until proven innocent.

AB 1014 has passed out of committee in the California Assembly. reports, “The bill would create 'Gun Violence Prevention Orders' that would allow police to 'proactively' confiscate firearms and hold them for one-year (renewable) based on accusations from immediate family, law enforcement or licensed mental health professionals – without due process.”



The bill undermines citizens' due process.  If for example, person A goes to a judge and files a complaint about person B, person B can have his/her guns and gun rights taken away without any idea why or even have the chance to plead their case.   Only after law enforcement searched person B, their family, friends, place of work, and anywhere else police might have thought person B hid guns would that person have the right to defend themselves.  Guilty until proven innocent.  

Now heading for a full vote in the California legislature, the bill is considered the harshest gun bill in the country.