California Adds 'Worst Roads' to its List of Accomplishments

Surprise, surprise, California has the most traffic and some of the worst roads in the country.

A new study shows that in 2013 LA area drivers spent an additional 64 hours stuck in their cars compared to other American cities. The study also showed that the LA area might have some of the worst traffic conditions in the world. KCAL 9's report says,

Motorists also experienced longer backups than drivers in dense cities in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands, the study found.

Two other California cities were also in the top ten, San Francisco at number three and San Jose at number seven. 

Even when they aren't stuck in gridlock, California drivers are burning more fuel than most states due to lower than average driving speeds. Taxes added to gas in the left coast state are some of the highest in the nation at almost $.72 per gallon for consumers -- and that might go up as California's State Senate President Steinberg has proposed an additional $.40 per gallon tax in order to raise money in the name of climate change. 

California also has the highest income, property and sales taxes in the nation. Corporate tax rates and other taxes that affect small business owners are also incredibly high and therefore stifling growth in a state that sees one of their biggest businesses, Hollywood, fleeing.