CA Governor Not a Perfect Voter

A spokesman for California Governor Jerry Brown attacked the two Republican candidates running against the Democratic incumbent this week for being infrequent voters. Dan Newman said, "The governor's been a regular voter his entire life and the Republicans haven't."

Well, neither Assemblyman Tim Donnelly or Neel Kashkari have been perfect voters, but the Sacramento Bee did some digging and found out that since the 1990's Gov. Brown has missed two elections. One of the elections he missed his office says they are pretty sure he did in fact vote in, the historic state wide win of a Green Party candidate, Audie Bock, in 1999. Brown's office said he recalls voting in that election cycle and casting a ballot in that specific race, but the Alameda County records do not show him voting. 

Brown's Republican opposition will face a primary on June 3, 2014, and whoever comes out the victor will have to battle Brown's strong campaign fundraising numbers. The governor has famous supporters like former basketball star Magic Johnson, actors Jack Black and Kirk Douglas, and the infamous Larry Flynt of the Hustler enterprise. As of his end of year campaign filing report, Brown has $17 million in his campaign coffers.

Donnelly had until end of business to submit his 2013 finances, and Kashkari only recently announced his candidacy and started his fundraising. 

Tim Donnelly was recently in the news because of the ousting of actress Maria Conchita Alonso from a play in San Francisco after appearing in an ad with the alleged Tea Party candidate. So far the controversy has not helped his polling.