BuzzFeed 'Reporter' Calls Sarah Palin An 'A**hole'

Crass sexism is OK when it's done to attack a conservative.

Don't get us wrong, we're not under any illusions that BuzzFeed is an actual news site or that real "journalists" even work there. That said, however, it never ceases to amaze us just how base the outlet truly is, and just how low we've sunk in our national discourse.  

BuzzFeed "senior reporter" (give us a break) Michael Hayes (and he's "official" - after all, he's got that blue tick-mark on Twitter next to his name) disparaged Sarah Palin after her visit to the White House on Thursday. 

"So many questions," Hayes began.

"First one: Why is Palin dressed like an a**hole?"

The "reporter" deleted his tweet after receiving backlash online, but come on, anything you put out there on the Internet is forever immortalized in the all mighty screenshot.

Hayes later apologized for his crass remark, but we know it was disingenuous: 

"Deleted a previous tweet of the photo of POTUS, Kid Rock, Palin and Nugent. Remarks were uncouth. Apologies."

Oh, wherefore art thou, feminists and other leftwingers who rail against sexism? Wherefore art thou? 

The point is this: It would be perfectly fine to question Palin's choice of outfit for the occasion (as if we haven't bigger fish to fry these days), but do so in a measured, intelligent way. We live in a state of very low discourse and leftists, or even just millennials seeking to be "funny," can't seem to refrain from spewing this lowbrow garbage ad nauseam. It's not "edgy." It's not "witty." It's classless.