BuzzFeed Editor: ‘All I Want for Christmas is Full Communism Now

I’d rather have coal in my stocking.

If you needed further proof that BuzzFeed employs the most clueless people on the planet, then look no further than BuzzFeed UK science editor Kelly Oakes who has a very interesting Christmas wish this year.

Conservative actor James Woods wanted to make sure everyone knew what it was:



All of the negative attention this tweet received (how could she not see that coming?) caused her to lock down her Twitter account and in effect, hide that idiotic wish from the world. Why Oakes would want to live under a system that has brought death and destruction for hundreds of million of people worldwide is a mystery. BuzzFeed declined to comment on their editor’s tweet. Even they can’t defend this level of stupidity.

And this is not the first time one of its employees downplayed the horror that is communism. Just last month, BuzzFeed reporter Blake Montgomery hopped on Twitter to decry President Trump declaring a National Day for the Victims of Communism. Montgomery wrote in the now-deleted tweet:

“'Victims of Communism' is a white nationalist talking point."

Later, Montgomery tucked his tail between his legs and tried to walk back his terrible comparison:

“I didn’t mean in any way to diminish the many real victims of communism, and my tweet was a bad misintrepretation [sic] of the president's declaration. I've deleted it …

“I cover white nationalists, and they use that language a lot, which is why I made that very dumb mistake.”

That explanation is about as bad as the original tweet.

Montgomery and Oakes are like two peas in a pod. Maybe they could form a band and tour communist countries and see the horrific results for themselves instead of spewing their drivel from the safety of the BuzzFeed offices.