Buy A Mechanical War Suit For $1.3 Million On Amazon Japan

Remember those awesome metal war suit things that the “bad guys” in Avatar used?  The ones that wrought havoc on the tall blue creatures?  If you have $1,00,000, you can own one (just not so deadly). 

Designed in 2012, the Kuratas can be ordered via Amazon Japan and just about anyone can operate it.  Whether through a 3G network or controls inside the cockpit, a child can easily use the machine the way it was intended to be used.

With a top speed of 10 kilometers (6.2 mph), the Kuratas runs on a diesel engine.



And here comes the really fun part: the weapons system it can deploy. 

The first weapon it has is the Lohas Launcher, touted as a eco-friendly launcher safe for humans.  It is on a no-pivot platform that shoots out water bottles.  The aim is poor and the makers say it will only hit its intended target from time to time. 

Next comes the unbelievably awesome twin Gatling gun.   The gun is able to unleash a fury of 6000 bb pellets a minute and able to lock on to the intended target.  It is called the “Smile Shot” because as the guns fire, the pilot smiles (No joke).

According to the Controversial Times, the suit is now on sale even though the video is from 2012.