Burqa Ban ‘Angers’ Austria’s Muslim Groups

Nationwide ban on full-body Islamic veil comes into effect on October 1.

Austria becomes the latest European country to ban the burqa, the full-body female veil mandated by Sharia. The ban comes into effect on October 1, local newspapers report. The restriction will apply to anyone entering a public place, including shops, schools and public transportation.

The ban will also apply to tourists arriving from Muslim countries. Earlier this month, airport authorities in Brussels deported a woman back to Tunisia for refusing to remove her burqa. Arab countries fear similar actions by Austrian immigration authorities as well. Arabian Gulf state of Oman has issued warnings to its citizens travelling to Austria, Austrian newspaper Kronen Zeitung reported.

The German newspaper Handelsblatt covered the Austria’s burqa ban:

Muslim women in Austria will have to put aside their burqas from October 1 onwards. Failing to do so will attract penalties up to €150. The new law will mainly impact traditional face-coverings by Muslim tourists. (…)

Federal Chancellor Christian Kern, a Social Democrat, defends the steps taken by Austria. “I consider it a correct symbolic gesture,” The Austrian head of the government told foreign journalists. “I completely agree with the burqa ban.” Kern added: “I adhere to [the values of] tolerance and liberalism. What is really happening is a massive repression of women. In this context, I consider it right to draw a line.” [Translation by the author]

As USA Today reported, the ban has “angered Muslim groups,” which happens to be their favorite pastime, apparently. Austria’s Islamic Religious Authority, the equivalent of the US-based CAIR, described the ban as an “infringement on privacy, religious freedom and freedom of opinion.” The Muslim body failed to mention that religious minorities, or dhimmis, living in Muslim majority countries do not enjoy any of those rights per Quranic decree.

The burqa ban “is a clear discrimination of Muslim women, who once again become victims of a policy of coercion," a 36-year-old Muslim women living in Austria told USA Today. “Muslims are obviously still not a part of this country,” she complained.

With this latest move, Austria has joined other European countries reacting to creeping Sharia within their societies, albeit on a piecemeal basis. The burqa is not a wardrobe choice, as many western Feminists would us believe. The regressive Islamic attire does not only suffocate the women enveloped inside the garb, but is a symbol of Islamist supremacy that aims to subjugate western societies.