Brzezinski: Jindal's WH Lawn Policy Talk 'Extremist,' Reid Calling Bush 'Traitor' Perfectly Fine

"He sounded like a tea party extremist saying white flag! Please!"

On Tuesday's Morning Joe, Mika Brzezinski repeatedly criticized Governor Bobby Jindal (R-LA.) for standing on the White House lawn immediately after meeting with the President and openly disagreeing with his economic policy. Even after it was pointed out that in a similar situation Harry Reid called George W. Bush a traitor and liar, Mika continued with her bashing of Jindal's "tea party extremists" remarks.

After showing the clip of Bobby Jindal's White House lawn comments, and the mini-debate he had with Connecticut Governor Malloy, Huffington Post political reporter Sam Stein made an unfavorable comment about Jindal's partisanship. Nicole Wallace, former Communications Director for the Bush 43 presidency, defended the Governor's action ending with:

Wallace: I worked for President Bush and I don't really remember Democratic governors calling off the partisan differences when they visited the White House. I don't remember Democratic senators doing that. I don't remember Democratic congressmen doing that.

After Sam Stein tried to argue that Bush raised the minimum wage, and Ms. Wallace countering that they were talking about whether the tenor of Jindal's comments were appropriate not the specific policy, host Joe Scarborough jumped in and asked what Harry Reid did in the same situation:

Scarborough: What did Harry Reid --?

Wallace: Called him a liar.

Scarborough: And Jay Rockefeller and all of the rest of the people.

Wallace: Called him a war criminal on the White House lawn.

Scarborough: Would they?

Wallace: Of course

Scarborough: They would walk outside and Democrats --

Wallace: Inside it's thank you, Mr. President, we love you and we have to be tough for our guys, and go out and then call him a war criminal. And you can't stand on the president's yard and highlight differences is ludicrous.

Brzezinski: Yeah, but his tone was way off. I don't know how many times --

Scarborough: (sarcastically) Because Harry Reid when he said war criminal and liar, he was smiling. It was good tonally. Tonally, I thought it was nice; it was nice it came from more here (gesturing), it was in his gut roll when Bobby Jindal--

Brzezinski: It seems to me he went into a very nice meeting--

Scarborough: Democrats do this all the time.

Brzezinski: And then couldn't wait to get outside to get to the microphone to repeat, just over and over again a talking point that he had practiced with his staff.

Wallace: It was just a little over the top the top I don't disagree with you.

Brzezinski: It was not just over the top it was low rent. It was kind of low rent, it was kind of like, rookie.

Over the next two minutes of conversation, Brzezinski called Jindal's actions "rookie" three more times before she raised the bar with:

Brzezinski: He sounded like a tea party extremist saying white flag! Please!

Finally co-host Joe Scarborough cut the conversation off telling partner Mika:

Scarborough: The horse is dead. You have beaten it now.